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    Your help is desperately needed to relieve the human suffering in Japan. The people of Japan have been facing: an 8.9 magnitude earthquake, a tsunami; an earthquake-shattered nuclear reactor leaking radiation, with other reactors at risk. Hundreds of thousands are homeless. More are stranded within the acute radiation area, unable to get food; aid workers cannot assist them because of the radiation. Nearly one million households have been without electricity in near-freezing weather. At least 1.5 million households lack running water. Many are reportedly ill. Nearly 4,314 deaths were confirmed as of midnight Wednesday, Mar. 16; an estimated 10,000 missing. 

    We want to respond to this horrific disaster and to help the people of Japan. We are thankful that ADRA (Adventist Development & Relief Agency) is on the ground and very much in touch with the needs there, which are changing daily. ADRA Japan has been put in charge of an evacuee center and is feeding 1000 people twice daily. Former SCC pastor Chris Ishii is the director of ADRA Japan. 

    To help the people of Japan, please make your check payable to your local church, earmarked ADRA Japan, and place it in a tithe envelope in the offering plate. The SCC Accounting office will forward all gifts to ADRA Japan. Or, you may wish to make a credit-card donation online at We encourage you to give generously and join us in praying for the people of Japan. 

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    This special sacred concert at 10:45 a.m. marks the annual grand finale of our choir season.  Don’t miss this wonderful musical service of praise to our Lord!  A Fellowship Luncheon will be held following the service.


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